The Inevitability Of War On Humans Essay

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The Inevitability of War on Humans Many people, countries, and nations claim to wish for world peace, but have they really done anything in order to achieve that wish? All throughout history war has gone on. Overtime, technology has improved making war even more lethal. Although everyone knows that war only leads to debt, death, and disaster, people still support war efforts and want to rise to power over other countries and nations. People feel that in order to be powerful, they must destroy others so that there is no competition.Since the beginning of time, war has been an inevitable component of human existence, and it will continue to be forever.
War has gone on since the beginning of time, and it still continues. The story of David and Goliath is an instance of warfare which happened in biblical times. The two opposing sides battled to end a dispute, just as people to today (MacArthur 53). The story of David and Goliath is a traditional story that happened thousands of years ago, proving that simpler warfare has gone on since the beginning of time. All throughout history there are instances of warfare: battles in ancient egypt, battles between indian tribes, battles over the ownership of land, civil wars, wars between opposing countries, etc. Today, warfare continues in more drastic forms like terrorism. Terrorist attacks occur, and the victims fight back trying to destroy the terrorist groups. In 1961, America was the most independent, powerful country in the world,…

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