The Inequality Of Women And Gender Roles Essay

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Throughout centuries women have fought for the right to be treated and consider equal next to men; though women have moved passed most gender discrimination from society the issue of inequality of women and gender roles still lingers within our social institutions. We allow those in higher classes to hold so much privilege that they use their power to enforce social controls in order to place individuals who are devalued into a controlled category of difference. Father Roy Bourgeois was a priest for forty plus years in the Catholic church, believing and preaching his religious doctrine that specifically cut out the role of women in higher positions within the church until he decided that he did not believe in inequality of women or condemning those placed in categories of differences like gender. While he explained how the different institutions socialized him to think that this way of life was “normal,” I realized how much my schools and religion have controlled my ideas, feelings, and judgment of others based the beliefs they valued.
My first reaction to hearing Father Roy Bourgeois beliefs and the story of his excommunication from the church sparked curiosity; in my town I was taught not to go against the church because the preacher always spoke the truth. My beliefs were shaken after hearing about his struggles with the Vatican, because I do agree with him about the treatment of women within the church and in our society. Being a woman, we are stereotyped as too…

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