Essay about The Inequality Of The State Of Illinois

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A major problem that the state of Illinois is currently facing is the unfair distribution of the citizens’ taxes within the state budget. The biggest inequality that arises from the current distribution of money is the amount that is spent on keeping an inmate in jail versus the amount of money spent on a student attending a public school. CNN conducted a survey in which researches gathered information from the census and prison facilities of forty different states in order to establish how much each individual state spends on the education of a single student compared to the cost of keeping an inmate in jail. Every single state that participated in this survey showed that the cost of keeping an inmate in jail is much more costly compared to the cost of educating a student. The state of Illinois indicated that $10,000 dollars of government money goes towards the education of a student in one school year; while, it spends about $35,000 to keep an inmate in jail. (education vs. cost).
The inequality of division of funds is primarily affecting schools located in low income, minority-driven communities. Growing up in Pilsen, a low income minority-driven community, located in the lower west side of Chicago, meant I had to attend neighborhood schools. The education I received in a neighborhood school is considered less than the education one would receive in an affluential school because of the lack of funding. A lack of funds indicates a lack of resources needed to run a school…

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