Essay about The Inequality And The Top 1 Percent

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On Behalf of Inequality and the Top 1 Percent
For the past few decades, the unequal distribution of income has gradually positioned itself as one of the focal themes of academic research and of national debates in the United States. While the chances of it being thoroughly discussed on the news remain relatively slim due to Donald Trump 's latest groping scandal and Hillary Clinton 's missing emails, the topic inevitably holds the interest of many other people, especially economists, leading politicians, and the middle-class workers, as its impacts gradually grow in intensity and in parameters. Yet, instead of focusing on proposing practical resolutions through public policies, people are concentrating their efforts and anger on blaming the rich, especially the top 1 percent, for the unraveling of the entire ordeal, while idealistically hoping to completely eradicate inequality once and for all. The inequitable distribution of income, in contrary to popular beliefs, does not solely result from the favoritism towards the rich or politics, but rather from a combination of particular factors, in which the matter of supply and demand in capitalism takes the center role.
Speaking of income inequality as a whole, while people have long familiarized themselves with the problem, the current statistics on the unequal distribution in the United States presents an alarming state. According to Thompson 's report on income inequality, starting from the 1970s ', the disparity in earnings…

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