Essay on The Industrial Revolution During The Late Nineteenth Century

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One of the most troubling times in Europe’s history occurred during the mid-eighteenth to mid-nineteenth century. This was when men, women, and children had to succumb to the terrible living and working conditions of the early Industrial Revolution. During this time period many families suffered from health, financial, and vast array of more problems. While the families struggled to make ends meet by sending their women and children out to work in the cruel factories there were few people who supported these individuals, who classically would not be working, making meager wages and increasing the amount of laborers available. Out to defend the working class were the Chartists who made a goal to improve working conditions in England. Working class individuals and their families suffered a great deal during the Industrial Revolution as working and living conditions were horrid, women and children were treated unfairly while playing a crucial role in the labor force, Chartists worked to improve working conditions for the workers in England, while supporters of industrialization defended the factory workers.

Factory workers and their families in England during the Industrial Revolution had to endure harsh working and living environments. While at work in the factories and mills many workers did not have much time off from their jobs to eat or sleep. As told by one factory worker named Matthew Crabtree, who was employed as a blanket manufacturer, during ordinary times common…

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