Essay on The Indiana District 9 House Seat

888 Words Nov 30th, 2016 4 Pages
Prior to election day, I correctly predicted that Todd Young (R) would defeat Evan Bayh (D) to take the United States Senate seat in Indiana. I also correctly predicted that Trey Hollingsworth (R) would defeat Shelli Yoder (D) to take the Indiana District 9 House seat. For both races, I incorrectly predicted the margins by which the victorious candidates would win. I predicted Young would win by a 47% to 40% margin in the Senate race and Hollingsworth a 45% to 43% margin in the House race. The actual results of the election were Young taking a 52.1% to 42.4% margin over Bayh and Hollingsworth taking a 54.1% to 40.5% margin over Yoder. For the United States Senate race in Indiana, Young defeated Bayh by three more percentage points than I originally predicted. I attribute my prediction for Young to emerge victorious to various factors, such as the state of Indiana being historically Republican and Young being lined up with the policy preferences of most Indianans. Citizens almost always will want to put someone in office that shares the same policy preferences as them. Additionally, I explained how Bayh’s record of using his time as senator to search for other career options and being somewhat of a “puppet” for Washington D.C. would help Young in the elections. Citizens of Indiana and, more broadly, the United States, are increasingly becoming opposed to the idea of career politicians. Electing Donald Trump to be the president of the United States is proof enough. Citizens…

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