The Inconvenient Indian Summary

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Ever felt unwanted or out of place in your own country? Welcome to the story of The Inconvenient Indian : a curious account of native people in North America. The Inconvenient Indian written by the brilliant Thomas King is a nearly immaculate novel developing upon the relations between native and non-natives through the early 19th century up until the modern day. King is a Native American originating from Sacramento, California, who achieved a PhD in English from the University of Utah and has been a well known writer since the 1980s. Throughout his years in University, he became an activist for natives in North America, which eventually led to the creation of the Inconvenient Indian. King has been quoted as saying the book is a collection of arguments he has had over the years …show more content…
The Inconvenient Indian is a masterpiece in that it strikes a voice for action in regards to native politics in Canada and the United States. The book is brilliant in the way the author articulates his ideas and presents all that has gone wrong over centuries with native relations. Furthermore, the novel aids in exposing the absence of recognition and inadequacy of respect that the government's offer towards natives and native history. Revealing the factual knowledge that has been hidden or not taught as the ‘history of Canada’. As well as, declaring how brutally oppressive a majority of the Act’s were towards aboriginals. The novel is a great read and effectively challenges the debate of native relations from the view of a native born activist. With the help of strategically used humour, personal stories and monotonous listing, King aids the reader in viewing his perspective of the social issue. Coming from native descent, the novel can spark memories and stories that have been passed down through generations. The book might not be an easy read for many, but is rewarding for

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