The Incidence Of Oral Cancers Among Younger People Essay examples

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Cancer is one of the most common causes of morbidity and mortality today, with > 10 million new cases and > 6 million deaths each year worldwide.[13] Demographic data in the present research revealed a significant male predominance in OED and OSCC group. (Table 1) Even in most countries around the world, OSCC is more common in men than in women. The reported gender differences are attributable to heavier indulgence in risk habits such as the use of tobacco, alcohol and betel nut use preferably by men.[14,2] It has been suggested that 4–6% of OSCC now occur at ages younger than 40 years.[15] An alarming increase in the incidence of oral cancers among younger people has been reported from many parts of the world, a trend that appears to be continuing. Therefore, screening for a premalignant or early stage of oral cancers is worthy of consideration and public education is imperatively needed.
Mehanna et al in a systematic review and meta-analysis of oral dysplasia observed an overall transformation rate of 12 %.[16] Considering this to be a global statistics, the scenario in a tropical country like India can be expected to be grave where tobacco with various additives is consumed in a chewed form as opposed to the smoked form. Even in our study majority of the patients had a history of tobacco in the form of chewing and site distribution revealed buccal mucosa as the predominant site for OED group and Gingivobuccal complex for OSCC. This observation is in concordance with…

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