The Importance Of Writing?

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Story-telling is something that has always come naturally to me. Ever since I could talk I would weave tales to my parents, brother, or anyone else who would listen to me. I always had a story to tell. Once I learned how to write, my fingers were always moving frantically with the need to release all of the imaginary worlds built up inside of me. As I grew older, my fingers stopped moving so much and the imaginary worlds stopped wanting to be let out. The need to write was always there though, bubbling beneath the surface. I am the youngest child of two with an age gap of three years. Growing up with an older sibling forced me into a competition that I never signed up for. Nothing I have done has ever been comparable to what he is able to do, except for writing. Writing has been my comfort throughout my life, something that is a constant in a whirlwind of variables. The rush of pride that I get when somebody reads something I wrote and likes it is comparable to nothing else in my life. Despite the comfort it gives me, I do not write seriously much. I have found that most times I sit down to write something with more feeling behind it than a …show more content…
For me personally, the need to be remembered is something that motivates me to do almost everything I do. I also agree that aesthetic enthusiasm is something that inspires me to write. There is something indescribable and incomparable about finding the right words to paint the perfect picture in a reader’s mind. Whenever something happens in the world that I can’t find the words to describe out loud, I find it easier to write the experience down. Somehow it is easier for me to capture a moment on paper than it is to remember it just in my head. The need to find out facts and show them to the world also motivates me to write. I enjoy being educated and coming across as so to anyone who reads my stories. On those three points, I do agree with George

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