The Importance Of Women Modeling

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As we see models on runway shows and social media exhibiting clothing they got paid to show off, we often do not pay attention on how the clothing looks but how skinny the model is. Modeling is a very competitive career because there’s millions of beautiful women in this world, but as we come to notice many of these women starve themselves so they can win that position they’ve dream of on the runway show. We hear about eating disorders all the time and we don’t really pay attention about it, because it sounds crazy for someone to not eat. Many famous models such as Georgina Wilkin became anorexic because of her career, and even though agents knew about this illness she still got booked. This shows many young women who dream of being a model …show more content…
The make-up artist would have to disguised it with concealer,” (Carroll, 5). Media shows a lot, and one thing that women pay attention to is how other women look. Women are always trying to look better for many intentions, and one of those reasons is to be attractive, happy, and successful. Media that the only way a woman can be happy is by being thin, so many women start watching the calories they eat every meal. According to Steven R. Thomsen, J. Kelly McCoy, and Marleen Williams about one to four percent of young women in the United State are believed to be affected by anorexia nervosa. Having this disease makes the person very self conscious and depressed, which cause them to have mental illness. It is also predicted that twenty percent of anorexic young women can die if they don’t get help in time (Thomsen, McCoy and Williams, 50). According to Wilkin many models had blue lips and fingers because they would not eat, it was so normal to them that they did not think much about it. Also fainting and having bruises was something they thought it was normal. Wilkin would not tell her parents she wouldn’t eat because she knew they would do something about it, but there was a point where she got super ill that she had to go to the hospital. As soon as she arrived at the hospital the doctors knew she was anorexic because she was so pale and her lips and fingers were blue. Once the doctors ran some test to see exactly was wrong with her. They noticed that her vital organs were under so much strain that her heart was in danger of stopping or her kidney to stop working. When an anorexic model goes to the hospital it can be very frightening to them because they know that doctors will make them eat and their career can be over. Models will not eat even if they see they are in danger, so doctors forcing them to eat through tubes (Carroll, 5). It is so sad to see

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