Corruption In Great Expectations By O. J. Simpson

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Wealth is one of the most influential and decisive factors when it comes to daily life: it determines the degree of living, and in often cases, of justice. For wealth can purchase the best lawyers from top companies, compared to average attorneys, leading to a better defense and hopefully freedom. Though truth is the only way to receive justice, wealth can manipulate the law to favor one’s side. This is demonstrated through the defense team in the O.J. Simpson murder case, the dual trial in Great Expectations, and the murder case in Legally Blonde. With this method of wealth buying the verdict, it leads to corruption, blinding justice from the truth. For it is corruption that allows for the guilty to find innocence in a trial. Corruption can …show more content…
His benefactor, Magwitch, ironically being a previously known convict, wishes Pip distinguishes himself from the corruption and evil of man. Back in his early days of crime, Magwitch had a partner by the name of Compeyson who was known for his mischievous yet deceiving style. When both were found guilty of money counterfeiting and sentenced both to trial, Magwitch wearing rags and Compeyson wearing a suit, Compeyson was mistaken for as a wealthy gentleman while Magwitch a filthy criminal. Compeyson had used the façade of an educated, proper man to reduce any charges while Magwitch was given the entire sentence. This stereotype that the wealthy don’t appear as criminals while the poor do is the catalyst of corruption. How appearing to be wealthy and high class automatically leads to a sense of respect and trust while lower class have to fend for themselves. However, Compeyson did receive half of Magwitch’s sentence, rendering justice but, it still exploits the manipulation of how wealth or even a mere image of wealth, can trick the law into believing one innocent when guilty. These corrupt ways tip the scales of justice and creep it’s way also into pop

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