The Importance Of Watching Tv

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In my beliefs television is one of many things that distracts the human minds from reaching its fullest potential. I think most of the shows that people watch today does not promote intellectual intelligence, and they have a negative effect on teens/young adults. Now, I would be lying if I said I did not watch television because I do, but I have not watched television for over two hours per day or sometimes once or twice per week. Why? I personally do not feel like television provides me with an advancement in life, so it 's a waste. Thus, I believe that watching the News is essential to know what 's going on locally and worldwide, but I do not see the importance of television in general.

Looking back on the article we were required to read
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that are seen on television, that basically confirmed that television is a distraction and too much television watching is bad for you. Just like smartphones in this day and age, many of our youth are completely capable of knowing how the iPhone or Android phones function, but do not know how to operate a vacuum, washer machine, dryer, dishwasher, stove or microwave. Just as I see children repeating what they may have seen on television or heard, but are unable to recite their ABC’s, numbers or spell their name. That has to be one of the most disturbing things ever and it 's part of the reason why I never allowed my nieces to watch television whenever they were with me. Consequently, at the age of 7 and 10, they are both straight A …show more content…
People who tend to obsessively watch television are more likely to put off important things than those who watch little to no television. Why? I believe television makes a person lose focus easily, here 's an example: My mother was watching soap operas once and I repeatedly said some to her, but she did not respond or acknowledge my presence. Even after she disengaged from the television, she still had no clue of what I had said to her. I always think back on the situation and say to myself what if I needed serious medical attention or what if there was a fire, those are just a few that crossed my mind. Therefore, I believe this is an extremely serious matter. Television distractions are a huge deal amongst children too, because it could affect their attention span also. “Watching television at a very early age could lead to concentration problems later in childhood, according to a new study led by Seattle researchers published today in the journal

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