The Importance Of Watching Television

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Register to read the introduction… I also realize that watching television was like a personal time for me to think, also it was a time for me to forget about everyone and everything around me that seems to be a distraction and just focus on what I am watching at that moment or just think of what my next move or decision would be. I strongly agree that watching television does make its viewers smarter depending on what television show you engage yourself in. this needs to be a point that requires emphasizing since so many people still believe that most television shows consist of “negative message.” Examples of shows that consist of negative messages are shows like “Jersey Shore” where a group of growing adult spends their summer in New Jersey, all they do is party at night every night, get drunk, and bring different sexual partner to the beach house, Shows like that does …show more content…
Steven convince me by letting me understand that just because a watching a show doesn’t make me smarter because if that was the case the whole world would be as smart as each other. She also lets us know that by watching a show it puts your brain into work and the brain starts thinking and formulating what it will do and how you will apply what you are viewing that is depending on what kind of television show you are

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