The Importance of the Structure of Dna Essay examples

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Ka Zhu
The Importance of the Structure of DNA Understanding ideas at a macroscopic scale is simple. Looking at a clock, observing and understanding the movements of the hands over the numbered surface are, in essence, all one requires to use the device. In order for innovation to occur, it is imperative to understand the inner workings of the device on a microscopic scale to modulate its properties. Such is the case for many innovations in science, from the heat engine to penicillin, and is no different for biological advancements. Like the seed of a plant, the understanding of the structure of DNA constitutes the basis of all life, establishing a foundation upon which explanations of increasing complexity can be developed. In the eyes
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Naturally there were disagreements among the scientists, for example, between Franklin and the Watson-Crick duo as to what technique was better for determining the shape of DNA (Squires, 304), as well as Franklin’s discontent in King’s College as a result of the distribution of her work to Watson and Crick without her knowledge (Squires, 302); however, this did not change the fact that the discovery of DNA was a collaborative effort. Unlike in Kuhn’s definition of a scientific revolution, each piece of the solution, from complex math to the uncovering of the mechanics of DNA, was contributed by the different scientist, ultimately creating the understandable mosaic of knowledge of the molecule. This contrasts with a Kuhnian revolution where distinct scientific parties work towards completely different end goals, with one group pushing forward radically different explanations and another trying to preserve the current explanation, to achieve a new paradigm to explain the current situation. (Kuhn, 93).
Since the scientists were all working towards filling in the gaps of knowledge in their biological paradigm, naturally there were no anomalies that arose. It follows there were no crises and thus

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