The Importance Of The Puritan's Influence On American Society

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For the Puritans, biblical teachings and hard work were fundamental to their social and political well-being. They cared not only for their own deliverance but for the spiritual salvation of their entire community. Because of this, the Puritans demanded a strict adherence to the puritanical ideals and also required strict punishment for anyone who deviated from this. Though many would believe the influence of the Puritans on America negligible, American’s ideas of religion, government, and education insist their beliefs are still present.
After the 1600s, the Puritans as a political power mostly disappeared, but Puritan attitudes and ethics continued to be one of the dominant entities in American society until the 1800s. They instilled several
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According to’s article, “Puritanism’s influence on American Society”,
“The Puritans in New England maintained the Calvinist distinction between the elect and the damned in their theory of the church, in which membership consisted only of the regenerate minority who publicly confessed their experience of conversion. Ministers had great political influence, and local politics exercised a good measure of control over church matters. To the Puritans, a person by nature was wholly sinful and could achieve good only by severe and unremitting discipline.” Hard work was considered a religious duty and emphasis was laid on constant self-examination and self-discipline. Though penal offenses were such things as cursing on a Sunday, blasphemy, fornication, drunkenness, gambling, and “even participation in theatrical performances”. (Puritan Influences) It is said in much research now that perhaps the seriousness of the Puritan’s behavior was not actually so and perhaps some of it has been exaggerated. I liken this to how the United States is today, the society as a whole is very sex negative and looks down on many activities, but when you get down to the human level it is no longer as big of a
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A pillar of most American’s view about their own country and the way we conduct ourselves abroad and the way the United States of America has branded itself as has “the Shining City on the Hill”, a phrase from the parable of Salt and Light in Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount. This phrase became attached to America long before it was used by modern politicians, John Winthrop, in a 1630 sermon still aboard the Arbella bound for the new colony, said that their new settlement would be watched by the entire world “as a city upon a hill”. (Kang)
These views are evidenced in the pledge we say today, “one nation under God”. Just as the Puritans believed it was their duty to make sure those around them were living a productive and spiritual life, America today believes it is duty to see it’s beliefs spread around the world, whether that mean the noble effort in World War II or the controversial involvements in Vietnam and the Middle East. These long held views still generate much controversy and patriotism

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