The Importance Of The Perfect Business Plan

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The human brain is quite extraordinary when compared to other brains of different species. Our brain’s ability to conjure up exquisite ideas each and every day is a God sent gift that we take for granted. Without the brilliant mindset that we all carry in our heads. Inventions such as the wheel or lightbulb wouldn’t have existed.
You may wonder, if our mind can produce such great ideas, why don’t most people act on them? Well, anybody can come up with a million dollar idea, even an infant that has yet the ability to speak. The most difficult extension that comes with a brilliant idea is the executing it correctly. Without an execution plan, the idea becomes utterly useless as a tumbling weed rolling in a desert. However, if an idea goes through
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I completely gave the execution idea a big middle finger and winged it. Which was obviously a huge mistake as later on, the business started to go south and I had no plan to fall back on. That ultimately, force me to shut down the business. Resulting all of my hard earned work sucked into a black hole. If I could ever go back in time to change the things I wish I hadn’t done in order to save the business, and saving myself the huge loss of cash and time investment, here’s what I would do. Create the perfect business plan. With a perfect business plan, the idea will solidly make its way to the end-game, where it can have a cup of tea with Bill Gate’s. Having that main ingredient will bring that brilliant idea of yours to wander places. That’s all you really need, honestly. The core power of an idea all comes down to the business plan/execution. In conclusion, don’t get too ahead of yourself when it comes to executing your idea and sharing it to the world. The key factor into taking an idea from your head and sharing it to the world takes a long of determination and effort. Steve Jobs didn’t take a week or month to develop the computer of what we know today as the “iMac.” Jobs took years of dedication to execute the idea. Whether you’re starting a business or closing it. Take it slow as long as you need to and plan out your steps before making the hard core decision. The mistake I’ve made should be a lesson that all should take

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