Golf Trip Essay

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If the loft angle is decreased from 56 degrees to 48 degrees then the distance the golf ball travels will increase. The idea of the project is to determine whether a higher lofted golf club or a lower lofted golf club(these types of golf clubs are irons) causes the ball to travel a greater distance. Many people do not know the significance of the loft on a golf club. When golfing one of the most important things to know is the loft angles on golf clubs which controls the height and the length the ball travels. When a player strikes the ball, the loft of the club controls how high the ball flies and how far the ball travels. The importance of this project is to show the significance that the loft on a golf club has on the distance that the ball travels in the air. The project is interesting to me because I am very interested in golf and the length and trajectory in which a ball travels when struck. When a golf ball is struck the loft of the golf club lifts the ball into the air. Many people believe that the golf club has to be swung catching the ball on the upswing, causing people to hit the ground before the ball. Hitting a golf ball the …show more content…
The bouncier a ball is off the face of the golf club has an effect on the distance that the ball travels. If a ball is too soft or too hard the ball will have a drastic change in how far it travels after being hit. The last example, found conducted at a level higher than high school, concerning baseball, is about the sweet spot on a baseball bat and how far a baseball travels when hit in the sweet spot of the bat. The project correlates with this project because both of the projects concern trajectory and distance. A baseball bat and a golf club are similar in the fact that both have a “sweet spot” in which the ball is more likely to travel farther when hit on

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