The Importance Of The Internet And Social Media

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Nowadays, our culture starts to converge and diffuse quickly. At the same time, the world’s culture changes as internet, technology develop. Social media plays a significant role in altering the culture into a brand new one. Just as Frank Furedi says in his article How The Internet and Social Media Are changing Culture, “There is little doubt that the digital technology and social media has already a significant impact on culture.”(2014: 1), social media turns people into the way that they act and behave differently from 19th Century. As people can perceive, recent social protest, resistance gained the help from social media, such as The mushrooming of Occupy protests, the Arab Spring, the mobilization of resistance against the Government of …show more content…
I also generate the points into 4: more shares, more exposure, more power and building up relationships. But actually, most of time I will combine exposure and share since both of them let people receive more things and express more things. In article News sharing in social media: The effect of gratifications and prior experience, it says “Sharing news in social media has become a phenomenon of increasing social, economic and political importance because individuals can now participate in news production and diffusion in large global virtual communities.” (Lee&Sian, 2011) Since social media carry on too many information that people need to know and possess, sharing through social media forms a main stream of perceiving information and know better about the situation. Through social media, there are a lot of ways that one person can share and spread his feelings and thinking: by videos, by blogs, by chatting...After the development of social media, people find their own way to express themselves and thus know others better. Social media give platform for people and thus give them power to say and express. Through Facebook, Twitter, people can talk about themselves and their opinions. Just as I mentioned before about “The mushrooming of Occupy protests, the Arab Spring, the mobilization of resistance against the Government of the Ukraine”, these all gain the help from social media to spread out the ideas and evoke the public to protest. The power of social media is huge that even one person can call out a mass of public to raise up. What most important is the relationship that social media give to people. Relationship no longer like before that people needed to contact from a very long distance and spend very long time. It starts to change as social media bring convenience. Rose argues that “The way people

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