The Importance Of The Clutter Family Portrait Essay

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1.What is the purpose of the Clutter family portrait (detailed descriptions of family members)?

Truman Capote writes a detailed, capturing story. Describing the lives, loves, and hobbies of each of the family members, Truman Capote paints a comprehensive portrait of the late Clutter family to capture the reader in their lives and then shred them to pieces. This reason explains why Capote livens the relationship between Bobby and Nancy. The last words written before the murder read, “Bobby here and we watched TV. Left at eleven” (Capote 57). Later in the book, Bobby’s emotions are captured: “Once in a while Bobby said how much he loved Nancy” (Capote 94). Likewise, Capote captures Susan Kidwell’s reactions to the death of her best friend. Susan says, “We were like sisters. At least, that’s how I felt about her—as though she were my sister” (Capote 94). In brief, Capote livens and destroys the lives of the Clutters; the readers feel the tragedy more because of the thorough portraits Capote paints.

2.[Omitted and substituted] How does Hickock and Smith’s trip to Mexico further describe their character?

When Perry and Dick travelled to Mexico, the reader learns much about Perry and Dick’s character. First, the murderers make a simple yet powerful mistake; they sell their gatherings from their bad check spree. This may have gained them a couple bucks, but the evidence they left could have been noticed. Seemingly, Dick and Perry are not very careful when…

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