Summary Of Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

Fear is a reoccurring topic in Truman Capote’s in In Cold Blood. The blockbuster true crime published in 1966 talks about a mass murder. The portrayal of the murders by the motiveless murderers Dick Hickock and Perry Smith were done on the idealistic and perfect family, the Clutters, in their own home town of Holcomb. The town of Holcomb is peaceful with few visitors where everyone is quite fond of each other. Although the crime has immediate victims, it produces a very big impact on the surroundings. The murder of the Clutter family creates a fearful atmosphere in Holcomb which transverses throughout the whole state of Kansas. The murders bring great fear, to the Holcomb inhabitants, Dick and Perry’s families.

First, the murder of the Clutter
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Dick is very fond and attached to his parents such as they are to him while Perry is completely detached to his family. However, the outcome is the same for both. Dick and Perry get capture, which causes much trouble for their families. An example of this case would be with Perry’s sister where she says’’ I wanted to help him. I hoped I might have changed a few of his ideas. Now I know better. The rights of other people mean nothing to Perry. He has no respect for anyone.’’ She is scared for her life knowing that her brother might be out to get her. She also says “But I’m afraid of him…He can seem so warmhearted and sympathetic… Oh, he can fool you. He can make you feel so sorry for him.’’ Even though Perry’s family is broken apart, his sister had tried to save him, but his actions did nothing but push her away causing them to being victims. Dick’s family is the most affected by their crimes. In the courtroom, Dick’s mother says ‘’But it seems to me like people are looking at me and thinking, Well, she must be to blame somehow.’’ The crime has ‘’token’’ away their boy and they cannot believe it. She then says ‘’There is lots more to Dick than what you hear back there in the courtroom.’’ In a way, the crime has caused them in a way to lose their peace because the mere thought of Dick being a killer destroys them. A perfect example of this is when Dick’s mother states

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