The Importance Of The Best Way To Affecting Your Behavior

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Although some people aren’t too comfortable with the whole idea of change, sometimes changing your behavior is imperative. Repetitions as well as positive and negative reinforcement are some of the best way to alter ones behavior. Why should someone change their behavior you ask? There are many different reasons. Maybe they see something within themselves that they don’t necessarily find attractive. Maybe they need to reinvent themselves completely to shape them into a better person. But it all depends on the person whether or not he/she want s or needs to see a change in their behavior. Change may not come easy for some and may take a lot of time patience and discipline. It becomes even harder if a person doesn’t realize that there are some …show more content…
It’s key to understand what stage you 're in the problem at hand. If you aren’t prepared for change, you set yourself up for failure. If you spend an excessive amount of time “understanding” your problem, you 'll delay taking action indefinitely. You can’t skip stages.
Our surroundings have a strong influence on succeeding behavior. Several of our replies are automatic: we have a tendency to ride with easy attention to the path and lights; we have a tendency to take notes in school without thinking about the way to write. The frequency of those behaviors may rely upon the results; however at any moment it 's primarily the stimuli within the setting that control our behavior.
Some behaviors are attention-grabbing, like a cell phone are you able to let it ring? No. when you hear the phone ring I has become a natural behavior for you to answer it. Different such behaviors like a good-looking person walking by, somebody talking about us, messages or sounds of alarm, and so on. Everyone has habits that occur at different times and places, we have a tendency to brush our teeth each morning before showering, watch the news throughout dinner. Environmental and internal behaviors set off these constant
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The disadvantage is that are usually unable to force this technique on ourselves we have a tendency to "forget," cheat, give up, "change our minds," or attempt to begin changing tomorrow or next year. In these cases, perhaps additional reminders and rewards for doing the required behavior are required and/or additional penalty for neglecting them. Anyway, it 's one in all the simplest self facilitate strategies. In order to succeed, you need to understand the three most important elements in changing a behavior. Your readiness to change; Do you have the resources and knowledge to successfully make a lasting change? Your barriers to change; is there anything preventing you from changing? You have to be willing to expect relapse; what might trigger a return to a former behavior? (Cherry K., n.d.) People are often reluctant to change during the early stages, but eventually develop a positive and committed approach to changing a

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