Technology Is Not Adopted In Healthcare

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•What are the two most important reasons for why technology is not adopted? What can be done about them?
•What are the ways these two issues can be resolved? Explain.
After reading the article by Surkunte, I learned that one of the reasons why technology is not adopted in the health care system is because the population are slow with adopting technology in the work environment. For example, the use of electronic health record are being utilized more in countries such as Sweden, Europe and Norway but they are not being utilized as much in the United States (Surkunte, 2014). The amount of time it takes to provide efficient patient care has decreased over time in the hospital due to the decrease use of electronic health record. Also the basic
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The insurance company does not have time to negotiate for a lower cost on the use of the technology for treatment. For example, my husband had to have a MRI of his left knee done about a month ago because he was having ongoing pain to his knee. The cost for the procedure was $1, 700 and the insurance company only paid $180 for the procedure because this is what they negotiated with the company they would pay according to their contract. The doctor had to write off $1,520 for this procedure and this is fairly a lot of money to write off for the use of this technology. In the end, the company is actually losing more money to maintain the use of this equipment according to the doctor fee schedule. I believe as much premium the insure has to pay for their health care insurance each month co-pay, and deductible, the insurance companies should pay at least 80% of the doctor’s fee schedule. The doctor has come up with this fee schedule according to what it would cost for the staff and use of technology. If the payment made by the insurance company is not made according to the doctor fee schedule, the cost and maintenance for the use of technology, becomes a deficient for the provider. In the end, the provider is losing out on money versus gaining for the use of the technology. The insurance companies should think on …show more content…
This electronic medical charting is used in terms of preventive measures for the patient. The electronic medical chart alert the medical staff providing care, if the patient is about to become septic. This system also prevent medication error because the patient arm band has to be scanned before medications are administered. The medication has to match up with what is stored and ordered by the physician in the electronic health record. The physician can review the patient medical record from a remote location and order the necessary lab work or medication needed for the patient. If the patient was previously admitted to another hospital in which utilized EPIC computer charting, the doctor can review the patient medical records from their previous hospital stay. “ EHRs can improve quality of care delivery in numerous ways such as providing accurate and up-to-date patient information and medical knowledge, and rapid retrieval of health information” (Appari, Eric Johnson, & Anthony, 2012, p. 356).
A way to further improve patient care, if the patient was previously in an hospital in which had some sort of other medical charting beside EPIC, there should be a way for the doctor to have access to their medical chart. This will ensure continuity of care because sometimes the patient may not be able to recall their past history, medications, lab work,

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