The Importance Of Teaching The Word Of God

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There are many avenues one can learn who God is and how as his people are supposed to serve in this world. The bible is our ultimate source on learning about God and how to be his people. But not everyone reads the bible because of the seemingly legit excuses that are made. People may argue that the bible is irrelevant because it was written a long time ago or that it is difficult to read.
This is where teachers come in. There are teachers that teach the word of God in order for others to understand so that they can better live and serve God. But not every teacher is true to teaching the values that come from the Word of God.
Context of 1Timothy 4
1Timothy 4 Paul begins his letter to Timothy explaining that there are people
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With the use of mirror reading in 4:3, Paul mentions the issues that are happening in the Ephesis community. Those that listen to the false teachers in the community are following the false teachings of abstinence from marriage and from eating certain foods. These examples of the false teachings are cultural examples of what the teachers say allowed you to be in favor of the LORD.
In Romans 3 Paul teaches that culture is not what makes a person righteous before the LORD instead it is their faith that is in the life of Jesus. In this case of 1Tim 4:3, the absence of cultural practices does not bring about a favor in the LORD.
In 1 Tim. 4:1-2 Paul labels the false teachers as deceitful demons who essentially are liars with a damaged conscious. Paul calls these false teachers liars because they are not accurate about what they teach from the word of God.
The danger of these false teachers in the Ephesis community is that they are pulling others away from the faith (4:1). The faith that Paul is talking about is the faith that the community in Ephesis has been taught by Paul form God’s word on how to follow God. Those that have departed the faith have been swayed by another teaching on what it looks like to follow God. Those people have fallen victim to their false teachings that do not produce a character of

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