The Importance Of Teaching Literacy In Education

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(A) What I think now & have my questions been answered:
Being literate in the 21st century requires more than the ability to read and write, it requires the understanding of concepts and notions that have been read across an increasing variety of digital, text, visual and oral formats. The implementation of merging and integrating technologies into literacy allows students to; develop critical thinking, which is the skill to question and examine content and compare different viewpoints; apply skills obtained outside of school with technology, into classroom tasks; and experience a unique contribution to their literacy learning, allowing them to think creatively when completing a task. The combination of the two also allows students to practice
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I have formed my own theory which has been influenced by the literature read and mentor teachers I have been in contact with. My personal theory is that teachers should take into account what their students are capable of with technology and implement these skills effectively into literacy practices in class and include varieties of technologies to enhance and encourage learning. Zammit (2010) suggests to successfully incorporate children’s skills with technology that they acquire outside of the classroom into the classroom, teachers should be open minded to expand children’s literacy practice and learning tools. Through my PI experience I noticed an adequate use and purposeful application of technology within my mentor teachers’ classroom, he ensured that students experienced a variety of multi-literacy practices. This was also clear in my findings as my mentor teacher mentioned whilst I was interviewing him, that in the majority of classroom tasks he allows students to decide whether or not they would like to use technology to assist with their learning. Allowing children to independently choose the approach that best suits their learning …show more content…
This allowed for me to gain an understanding of why it is important for students to learn literacy with the assistance of technology, what strategies teachers can use when teaching literacy with technology and the current theories on teaching literacy with technology. Whilst investigating these three questions, the relevant literature, PI experiences and findings, have all had an impact and influenced my personal theories that I developed. I have also become more knowledgeable on the importance of combining literacy and technology and have gained a variety of teaching strategies that I know I will use in the future when teaching literacy. My use of approaches to collect data was helpful to gain a sufficient amount of artefacts and information, as well as different viewpoints on the

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