The Importance Of Social Status Group

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The particular elements that comprise status groups are lifestyles or “the set of conventions and traditions that they have” (Hurst 69). Next is their inclination to marry within their own respective ranks in their group. In addition to that, they overwhelmingly stress the action of interacting intimately with only people that reside within their status group. Moreover, they also characterize themselves by frequent monopolization of economic opportunities, or reassuring their social dominance by persuading their members to buy fancy cars/luxurious homes in specific neighborhoods to solidify their status and standing. Finally, they have “emphasis on ownership of certain types of possessions rather than others” (Hurst 69). An example of lifestyle …show more content…
Non-productive, or non-laborious jobs increased an individual probability to own property. Having property or having flashy displays of wealth and status is a status symbol. “Veblen can summarize ideas by indicating that he felt that people’s worth and honor is interconnected with their possessions, wealth and ability to pay” (Hurst 78). Having a trophy wife that was beautiful also further reinforced your class position and status. A person with low class position and status are highly unlikely to be married to one of the prettiest women in their community because their low status would unappealing not only to her but to her family as well. Having the ability to buy flamboyant items and possessions solidifies your class position and status basically because you are showing wealth and letting other people in your community know the differences that are present between social classes’ status and positions within their own respective status

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