Abortion: The Case Of Roe V. Wade

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Sexual rights are universal amongst human beings. One’s sexual rights entails “the right to sexual expression, the right to privacy, the right to be informed about and have access to needed services, the right to choose ones marital status, the right to have or not have children, and the right to make ones own decision and develop to ones full potential” (Yarber, p. 413). Every single person, e.g. man, a woman, a disabled-person, etc., is entitled to his/her sexual rights; therefore, preventing women from having abortions violates their sexual rights by denying them their right to privacy, their right to access to needed services, their right to have or not to have children, and their right to make their own decisions.
Abortion is the “expulsion
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Wade. Which was the idea of fundamental rights that individuals had, particularly women. According to Risa Goluboff, in “Dispatch from the Supreme Court Archives: vagrancy, Abortion, And What the Links Between Them Reveal About the History of Fundamental Rights” (Goluboff, 2010) discusses the idea of “fundamental freedoms within the meaning of ‘liberty’” (Goluboff, 2010). Risa Goliboff’s states, “such freedoms [include] ‘freedom from bodily restraint or inspection, freedom to do with one’s body as one likes, and freedom to care for one’s health and person’” (2010, p. 1380). Goliboff notion correlates to what are a person’s sexual rights. A person’s sexual right is placed within his/her freedoms, such as the right to privacy, the right to have or not to have a child, and the right to make decisions. Roe v. Wade was significant within in the United States history because it protected a women’s rights, e.g. sexual, reproductive, etc. This case was influence by the United States fourteenth amendment; therefore, “ruling that the due process right to privacy was ‘broad enough to encompass a woman’s decisions whether or not to terminate her pregnancy’ without interference from the state” (McDonagh, 1999). Roe v. Wade emphasizes on the notion that a women has the right to make a choice, whether or not to have an

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