Essay On Sexual Identity In Schools

When analyzing the topic Sexual Identity I investigated that the majority of people were against schools teaching sexual identity however, some don’t. In discussion of sexual identities, one controversial issue has been that not many people or not many parents agree to schools teaching students this topic. On the other hands theirs parents that don’t mind about schools teaching it. Others even maintain they well support their children no matter what they want because it’s up to them. My own view is that, I’ve always believed that a couple is based on a man and a woman. Although I should know better by now I cannot help to think that children are going to be taught sexual identities at a very young age. At the same time schools have a very strong …show more content…
In his book, Motschenbacher maintains that, “This is a reaction to the finding that heteronormative structures are often not beneficial to teaching, and that is for both teachers and students” (39). In making this comment, says that it’s just a test to see what people think if it well help the teachers as well as the students. I don’t agree because we have to see if it benefits students more the teachers. Most of them have children, so they should have a second opinion about this. He also states that, “This is unfortunate in the light that teaching materials are supposed to prepare students for the challenges of future society” (39). Motschenbacher’s point is that, unluckily all the teaching subjects are to get students ready for their future problems. I agree with him in this statement, because it is true, but they don’t have a right to teach students personal information about other people. School is to prepare for college and to get a good job, I think most of us could be in charge of ourselves of how to treat other people. One problem that I see is that teachers talk about students should not bully other people, but yet there’s still a lot of bulling going on, and that’s because not everyone wants to understand what they have been

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