Glowing Triangle Position Research Paper

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The golden rule for conception is “the deeper the better”. In choosing a sexual position where the intention is to conceive, it is advisable to go for one that allows deeper penetration. On top of that, a sexual position that ensures highest orgasm definitely aids the sperm cells in their travel towards the egg cell. The contraption in the reproductive trap brought about by orgasm ensures a smooth sailing travel towards conception.
Here are some sexual positions that may just do that and more.
The Missionary position
This is the most common sexual position and is in fact the most effective means to conceive. In this position, the woman lies on her back while the man is on top doing the deed.
Why is this effective?
The woman’s pelvis is not
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This is a great position not just because of the thrill, but also because it can help couples who want to have a baby.
Why is this effective?
Penetration is deeper and better in this position and the cervix seemed to be more open compared to others.
The Glowing Triangle Position
A variation of the missionary position is called the glowing triangle position. In this position, the man is still on top while the woman lies on her back. The only difference is that the man, who is on top, is on all fours while he extends his legs. In this position, the woman’s hip is raised by placing a pillow underneath. Her legs are also wrapped around the body of the man.
Why is this effective?
This increases the depth of the penetration while tilting the pelvis of the woman upwards. What makes this better is that the woman is in control. The man need not move a bit and the woman can do all the work to reach her orgasm before the man shoots of his sperm cells.
The Rock and Roller position
This is also commonly known as the anvil position. This is another variation of the missionary position. Here the woman is on her back with her man on top. In this position, the woman’s leg is raised above her head giving the man a better chance to penetrate her

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