The Importance Of Sex Education

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How would you feel about your 5-year-old learning about masturbation? Sex education used to consist of teaching anatomy and abstinence, unfortunately in recent years this has drastically changed. Not only has sex education changed, but also multiple school districts are arguing that they are under no obligation to inform parents about the adoption of new curriculum. Besides this, parents are not being given the option to opt their children out of these lessons. While schools are our educational institutions, sex education should now be left to the parents because this type of education is now interfering with a child’s academic education, imposing social beliefs, and frankly children are not capable of fully understanding. So what is this …show more content…
Most schools are already scrabbling in the day to find enough time to teach English, writing, literature, math, science and history. Then you have many students that not only have to take their core classes but also take remedial courses in order to catch up or to fully understand a subject. Teachers are running out of options and students are falling through the cracks. Fine art classes like art, music, and theater are being cut left and right because there is no time in the day for them. The average time in the classroom per subject is 30-45 minutes a day, which I believe is not …show more content…
Children are curious little humans and will do anything to satisfy their curiosity. They can easily take an assigned vocabulary word; enter it into Google, and bam, pornography. A child cannot truly understand the ramifications of exposing themselves to pornography. Sexual overexposure can lead to early sexual experimentation with themselves and others. Opening doors that God never intended to be opened before marriage. This type of sex education is teaching that this experimentation is normal and should be embraced. If this curriculum is taught in schools there will be more children experimenting than not. Peer pressure is real and a very dangerous thing for

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