Describe School Culture

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A. Describe the Culture of your Educational Institute

Our educational institution has developed a school improvement culture over the past four or five years. We have been a school of improvement ever since I can remember. Over the past five years our educational institution has gone through one school improvement Consultant Company and we have started this year with a new consultant company. Each consultant company has brought in new ideas, different ways of looking at things, educational programs, and directives for teachers. While developing an educational culture of school of improvement, teacher expectations have changed several times. Before school improvement about eleven or twelve years ago, teachers would instruct their classes the best they knew how then go home. There was only one formal teacher observation done by a school administrator for veteran teachers and two formal
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This has been due to the fact that school administrators, district, and state have fostered a new approach to overall school climate, culture, and morale. This approach has been to involve teachers in all decisions dealing with school improvement. Another possible process of improvement would be, to have a staff appreciation meal catered instead of a pot luck meal. School administrators could give out incentives showing their appreciation to their educators for what they did that was positive. Teachers giving out positive praise to other instructors and administrators when they did something positive. This would help shift the overall school culture from negative to positive over a period of time. Administrators could visit with teachers about their families and personal life instead of always talking about school improvement directives. Praise cards could be given out by administrators and teachers to other teachers praising them for the good that they were doing in their

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