The Importance Of Romans 3: 21-31?

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The Importance of Romans 3:21-31 is Paul explaining and spreading the knowledge of righteousness. Maier includes in his text, verse 22, which states “The righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe”. The reason Maier puts such emphasis on this verse is due to the fact that it explains Pauls’ purpose for writing this chapter. Throughout this article Maier mainly focuses on Romans 3:21-31, but also includes other chapters of Romans along with Romans 3:1-20. Maier’s purposes for writing this article include breaking down the meanings of specific verses, enlightening people in the present time of Paul and why he wrote about this experience, and proving that the words are genuinely Pauline. Although Maier’s main focus …show more content…
Like pointed out earlier this article it mainly focused on Romans 3:21-31, but in order to do justice to these 11 verses, it is important to know what came before it. This is shown by Romans 3:22 which says “The righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe”, that when reading the verses up to this one, it gives the reader a better understanding of why Maier and Paul’s main idea was the righteousness with God. This article does not show a conclusion statement from Maier because this is an article of better understanding righteousness and how even though all have sinned that this does not mean one cannot become righteous with god. Although the article was what I had to focus on most in this essay, I first had to understand the purpose of Paul writing Romans, but more importantly the purpose of Chapter 3:21-31. My opinion about this whole chapter is that Paul is carrying on the teachings of Jesus. Even though verse 22 was the main idea, it was also important for Paul to explain that Gods ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ, was the act of a “clean slate”. When God sacrificed Jesus, he was doing so in order to forgive the sins that had occurred up until Jesus’

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