The Importance Of Revenge In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Hamlet is a revenge tragedy play written by Williams Shakespeare. The play is all about revenge; many characters are seeking revenge of other characters with different reason and motives. In every revenge tragedy, there should be a ghost that asks for revenge. The three major themes that most of the characters are involved in are revenge, madness and spying. The three themes are related to each other, while revenge was the reason behind madness and madness was the reason behind spying. To make it more obvious, in order to the protagonist Prince Hamlet avenges his father’s death he had to pretend to be mad, which shows how they are related to each other. Other characters didn’t know the reason behind Prince Hamlet madness was it because of his …show more content…
This also shows how the theme madness is related to spying. This essay explains each of the three themes, which are revenge, madness and spying and providing examples.
In the play “Hamlet,” the dominant theme is revenge as the play is categorized as a revenge tragedy. Revenge reflects a substantial role especially to the plot’s evolution throughout the play, as the story mainly focuses on the characters that are seeking vengeance. In the play, there are three main revenge plots, it is evident to see that Prince Hamlet, Laertes and Fortinbras are the characters that are seeking revenge. Each of the characters have has his own motives which will be discussed later on. All revenge tragedies have a ghost,

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