Write An Argumentative Essay On Shark Fining

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I’ve always believed that the ocean is the heart of Earth, the center of life and the most perfect natural beauty this Earth has seen. When I was younger, swimming always was a way for me to escape normal life and jump into life under the sea, a way to put all stress and worries behind me, and instead simply swim. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a Marine biologist, and help the animals that have been on earth for millions of years, live longer and have a better life. Sharks are known as a very dangerous, ruthless killer. When people venture into the ocean, one of the first things you think of is sharks and how to avoid them at all costs. People have come up with this intense fear against this animal because of a few movies where sharks are portrayed as the bad guys; also in situations when an attack does occur, the media seems to blow up. Sharks have been hunted for thousands of years, whether it be for their teeth, skin, meat or fins. Shark finning has become a huge international issue due to overfishing. Sharking is a term related to the shark finning process; it is when a fisherman catches a shark, slices off its first dorsal and caudal (tail) fin. Unable to swim without these vital fins, the shark dies a painful and slow death after it is dumped back …show more content…
As McGuire points out in his paper about saving sharks, “Shark finning is … a cruel and wholly unsustainable practice in which fishermen catch sharks, cut off their fins and then throw the mutilated fish back into the sea to die” (para. 4). Once the shark is thrown back into the sea, it has three ways to live out the rest of its life, one, to bleed out; two, suffocate by not having enough oxygen running over its gills because it’s unable to move; and three, to be eaten alive by another animal. Their fins have become so sought after that all humanity left in the fishermen is taken away by the dollar sign they see with each

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