The Importance Of Religion In The Movie 'Everything Is Illuminated'

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This week 's topic centers around religion. In the films assigned this week we see different religions and their characteristics. The films that were assigned were "Everything is Illuminated", directed by Liev Schreiber and "The Apostle," directed by Robert Duvall. Although both films do not center around religion, they do feature certain elements that relate to the religions mentioned in the movie and us as the viewer get to explore how they affect the outcome. To start off, the movie "Everything is Illuminated", tells the story of an American Jew named Johnathan. Johnathan 's grandfather has died, and he wishes to learn more about him. His grandmother gives him an old picture of his grandfather standing with an unknown woman. Johnathan …show more content…
A shaman is known as a magician or medicine man who helps people 's soul leave their bodies as a way of healing. Pentecostal is known as a renewal movement within Protestant Christianity that deals with direct personal experience with God. In the movie "The Apostle" the film is centered on a very religious town. The viewer can get a glimpse of how much faith is valued in different parts of the world and also different religions. I believe the film they practice Christianity to the extreme. Sonny, the minister, is very passionate about the Lord and his job and always delivers a powerful homily. In one of the scenes, Sonny hits his wife 's lover with a baseball bat knocking him down to the ground. Immediately after, we see groups of people go to him and start to pray for his recovery. The way the scene depicts their form of praying makes the viewer believe that he will suddenly heal right then and there. I think that this scene related to what Horwatt mentioned about spiritual healing. In an interview done between Horwatt and a pastor, the pastor states "Don 't ever think that the person is doing the healing. Dat 's a no – no way. No way. It 's the anointin of God…. through that person. But it 's God that does the healing". (Horwatt 1988) This interview with the pastor confirms that they firmly believe that it is God doing the healing through a person 's body. I found this to be fascinating because it was something I have never heard of and seeing it through the movie put it in a better perspective for me and also any other viewers that watch the

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