The Importance Of Recruiting A Leadership Training Program

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Company ABC needs to charter a leadership training program in order to lessen employee turnover and increase employee engagement. Currently, there is a lapse in required manager to employee communication which has led to an increase in employee dissatisfaction. Developing a formal leadership training program will directly lessen the stress of the workload, even as unexpected changes such as voluntary employee resignation.
Current Situation Company ABC has had an increase in employee turnover throughout the past two quarters. The company is in its fourth quarter, in quarter one there was a 10% turnover rate. By the end of the third quarter the turnover rate reached 22%, an increase over the first quarter by 120%. The increase in turnover has drastically affected the company’s profits. Recruiting and training new employees can
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Mentoring in general has been related to job satisfaction, commitment, expectations for advancement, compensation, and promotions (Allen, Eby, Poteet, Lents, & Lima, 2004). The mentorship program will be initiated by finding the best fit members of management and asking them to work with lower level employees. Mentoring/ teaching their peers will allow management to improve their own skills as well as spread their expertise. Only employees with a proven track record for exceptional work ethic and attendance will be eligible to apply for the program. Setting requirements for additional growth allows employees to heighten their goals and gives those in the program the best ability to produce quality deliverables. The mentorship program will ultimately allow employees to see in greater detail what management involves as well as practice the skills necessary to be successful in a higher level role. Essentially the mentorship will create next level on the job

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