The Importance Of Professional Development On A School Is Another, And Simple Family Traditions That Differ From Theirs

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Children all come from backgrounds with different cultural perspectives. Some are small differences such as the type of food they consume, the clothing they wear, and simple family traditions that belong specifically to their culture. Other differences can be large scale such as holidays they celebrate, religion, political views, and socio-economic status’. Teachers have a mission to build bridges to cultures that differ from theirs. According to Davis, “We begin this journey by learning about ourselves. A book study is one tool to do that. Professional development that examines issues of equity in your school is another,” (pg. 13). Teaching our children about different cultures is a way to keep all those with differences accepted. Halloween is an interesting holiday to celebrate. According to, Halloween is primarily celebrated in North America and Canada. It originates from Ireland. Other countries celebrate different holidays with the same theme as Halloween. For an example Sweden celebrates “Alla Helgons Day” from October 31 until November 6th. Mexico, Latin American, and Spain celebrate “All Souls’ Day” to honor the dead. There are also people groups who do not celebrate Halloween. Some Christians celebrate Harvest, but do not celebrate Halloween believing it is giving honor to Satan. Jehovah Witnesses do not celebrate any holidays. A teacher may have the possibility of having children with families who have conflicting viewpoints on…

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