Surveillance In George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four

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We all have more than likely read George Orwell’s novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four.” I remember reading this novel as an assignment while in high school. When you read the novel, did you ever think the government would run surveillance on normal ordinary people in the United States? I know I did not think that day would ever come, especially in my lifetime. Unfortunately, “Big Brother” is watching all of us. We as a nation are now aware that the National Security Agency (NSA) uses surveillance techniques to spy on United States citizens and others. The NSA uses several techniques to spy on civilians, which was made public by Edward Snowden, and without Edward Snowden, civilians would not know that their constitutional right to privacy has …show more content…
Thank you to “whistleblower” Edward Snowden who exposed their dirty little secret. Mr. Snowden worked as a contractor for the NSA where he learned of the surveillance operation. Over the period of time in which he worked with the NSA, he acquired numerous documents that were top-secret. He later leaked the documents to The Guardian and The Washington Post newspapers and is now known as the privacy scandal. The classified documents that have been leaked can be located on both of the newspapers websites. The documents show how the NSA tapped into the fiber-optic undersea cables, along with several other documents that list in more detail what the NSA and a few other government agencies have actually been doing with the technology they have to spy on Americans. Edward Snowden risked so much to expose what he believed was unethical and illegal and is now living in Russia in exile. It is a little crazy when an individual would risk so much to expose such a secret if it is ethical. The Fourth Amendment is supposed to give us the freedom to privacy and not to have unlawful wiretapping. Do you think it is lawful to have your text messages and Internet searches to be screened through the NSA for keywords? A simple,

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