The Importance Of Preventing Childhood Obesity

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Register to read the introduction… Today, it seems as if television, video games, and an increased consumption of fast-food has taken over the 21st century. Ignorance among parents has led to the continuous exposure of unhealthy and fattening meals to youngsters (Blasi, 2003). As a result, America wins the contest for being the fattest nation in the world. There are numerous ways to manage childhood obesity in the Unites States, but in order to prevent it, parents must first admit there is a problem. Successful intervention efforts must involve and work directly with parents from the earliest stages of child development to support healthful practices both in and outside of the home (Green & Reese, 2006). Support from parents in the home, engaging children in sports and extracurricular activities, and carefully selecting what they eat is an effective plan to decrease obesity in the United States. Ultimately, the main two determinants of obesity are an inactive lifestyle and an excess calorie intake. Managing the big two will allow for the defeat of obesity (Blasi, 2003). Parents have the power to influence a child’s lifestyle decisions by being role models, educating, and supporting them. In the end, this intervention will contribute to happier and healthier children in the United States (Green &Reese, …show more content…
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