The Benefits Of Pet Therapy

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Remember a time when your day was just terrible, nothing was going right on account that you were sick. You felt awful and even though you were prescribed some medication it still didn’t seem to be getting any better. An illness is an abnormal process in which aspects of the social, physical, emotional or intellectual condition and function of a person are diminished or impaired compared with that person’s pervious condition. (Mosby, Inc, 2013). There are not much people that live in this world who can truly say that they have never experienced an illness whether it is minor or major. It’s normal to try to find other measures to make you feel better. For the most part people living in the western civilization if stricken with illness will resort …show more content…
In the 1800’s pioneer of nursing, Florence Nightingale was a pet owner of an owl and had recommended animal therapy for caring for the sick. (Reynolds, 2012, p. 478). Studies have shown that pet therapy can improve the quality of life reduce pain, give relaxing methods in patients exhibiting stress and depression. (Byrne, Kropp, & Vincent, 2014, p. 05).Patients with physical disfigurements and disabilities are easier to connect with animals because of an animal’s non-judgement nature then even the client’s family members. (Byrne, Kropp, & Vincent, 2014, p. 05) These animals can be household pets like dogs, cats, guinea pigs, fish or birds or they can be livestock animals such as horses. The type of animals doesn’t matter more so then the connection of the animal with the person, because of their liking for one another. They can give emotional support and companionship by letting the patient feel care for or loved. Animals can also provide help in physical and occupational therapy in example if one is petting a cat or dog it can improve their muscle strength and fine motor. Studies have showed that animal assisted therapy can lower a person’s blood pressure and improves the health of patient with have heart failure. Animals can also help a patient reduce anxiety and clam patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder by making the patient feel wanted or just by giving companionships. (Byrne, Kropp, & Vincent, 2014) But there are disadvantages to pet therapy as well. Pet therapy can cause a traumatic experience for them and cause their health to regress. With older patients as time pass the animals will become older and the patient may experience a loss of the pet which can be similar to losing a human being that they care for deeply. This can cause a decline in their health causing depression or interruption in their daily living due to them grieving. (Reynolds, 2012). Even those who use pets as therapy may

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