The Effect Of Plastic Debris On The Environment

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Many things come to mind when total world devastation is thought of, deforestation, abandonment, and little food. Though no one has really seen any such thing, yet it’s possible that’s the road human population is leading our beautiful earth down. With a career going into wildlife biology scientist cross many obstacles. Pollution being the biggest threat to our wildlife. There are many types of pollution, for example, plastic debris, noise, and acid rain. Some of the ways to stop polluting are reduce, reuse, and recycle, being thoughtful of wildlife and others, and carpooling. Plastic debris being the biggest threat because how much damage it can cause. “Plastic debris in the marine environment has been identified by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as a critical emerging global environmental issue”(provencher 1).
So, plastic debris that people throw out their car windows or throw in the trash is causing so much damage to the environment it has became a global problem. Plastic pollution is causing so much of a problem that animals can get sick and also die from it. “Marine pollution is problematic for variety of reasons, from an economic perspective, marine litter can interfere with subtence fishing
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Sometimes people probably can’t tell the difference between acid rain and just rain, but there is a difference. Coal and oil from power plants and emissions from vehicles releases sulfur and nitrogen into the air(swatantra172). Not only are fish effected by plastic pollution but acid rain as well. “Acid rain increases acidity of aquatic ecosystems leading to poor performance of sensitive species of fish and other organisms to reproduce and survive”(swatantra172). So the acid rain mixes with a lake, river, or ocean and put a fishes health at risk and slows them down. Once too weak they are unable to reproduce which results in less fish in the food supply and less food for other

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