The Importance Of Police

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On August 9, 2014, a white police officer shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager. That sprung racial tensions all across America. Many cases like this also popped up and the respect for police officers dramatically dropped. Several people would not obey, trust, or give thanks to law enforcements. In society today, people need to see the bigger picture and respect those who serve and protect them in their everyday lives.
In today’s world, the crime rate has gone up dramatically in the past several years. Police are always out watching for crime. They are in danger every day, and many today do not realize the hard and upsetting jobs they have to go through. Many would not like to handle unpleasant things such as child beatings,
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In “So you see there is still hope”, a young black boy was holding on tight to a white male police officer. The boy had tears in his eyes and can be seen that he was frightened. As a result, the police officer looked very caring and comforting to the boy as he held on to him. The officer’s job is to help anybody in need no matter what is going on. Most police officers “try to be kind, professional and sincere” everyday (Bolt np). They adore the people and they strive to do their do the best it can be and do its protective …show more content…
They take time out of their lives to help this country. Many different law enforcements require a lot of time and attention to their job. This is not enough time to be with family and friends. Police officers are “on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year”(McDavid 3). This is hard on marriages and children. People in other jobs gets to see their kids and take vacations. This job is already difficult and time consuming to families and people do not recognize that. They are human, and there are times when people are not respectful and not following the laws but “I respect them until they prove they do not deserve my respect”(Bolt np). There are times to be respectful and there are times to be constructive. The public needs to respect the police officers if they think they deserve respect. As people are today, they often forget about the big picture and live in the now. In the world now, it is hard thinking about the consequences, and get so accustomed to doing that, that “they didn’t think too hard about the consequences” (Redditt np). In response to this, that only makes them human. People forget things and mess up as it is part of life, and society needs to respect

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