Essay On Us Involvement In Ww2

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Although the United States has done a good job in the past putting a stop to issues in other countries, like they did in World War 2, the United States should not continue their act as a police of the world. Since the time that they took this role around the time of WWI, it has had many negative impacts on the country. Since the US came into the position of being the protector of the world, issues such as a higher national debt, the loss of American lives, and other countries dependence on the US to help them have come into play. Also, where did America get the right to police other countries besides its own? America currently has violence in its nation, high unemployment rates, poverty, and many other issues in its own country it needs to deal …show more content…
This is a prime example of why the US should stop their act of being a world police. Those American lives did not need to be lost. Germany and Austria Hungary were fighting a two front war against France, Britain, and Russia and if the US would have not intervened the Germans would have probably still lost the war. Pat Buchanan asks “Why do we tax ourselves to defend rich nations who refuse to defend themselves? Is the security of Europe more important to us than to Europe?” The US gives other countries a false sense of reality that they do not need to defend themselves with their own functioning military, because the United States will do the job for them. Some people may argue that the United States had to enter WWI after the sinking of the Lusitania and the Zimmerman Telegram was intercepted, but it was not Americas place to go into the war, and the British, Russians, and French probably could have been able to defeat the Allies on their own. The Triple Entente were reliant on the US to come in and help them with the war and that is exactly why the US should not be a Worlds Police, because other countries need to learn to solve their own

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