The Importance Of Planning In Society

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In this modern era, we live under a scheme of planning. The planning is vital since it allows us to save time and money. We spent so much time planning and organizing our future that we forget to live the now. We believe that when we buy the next vehicle, mobile phone or a home wider we will be happy. But when we have, we realize that this is not the case, since we will need more things to be happy. We are in a vicious circle in which we need to work based on purchase and achieve material things because we believe that we provide the happiness. However, this circle never ends. We live in a society which is going too fast, there is never time to stop to enjoy every moment, but then after several years lived we repent of not having valued many moments, i.e., Carpe Diem (taking advantage of the day). When reviewing the history, we find that in times past, great philosophers and writers introduced us to a vast field of thought that nowadays, we have forgotten. …show more content…
For it we see that in the past and is even seen in the present, the divinatory arts: letters, reading of the hand, astral letters, etc. they play an important role in some of the sectors of the society that think about how to know the future. In this literary work, Horace offers several pieces of advice to Leuconoe. One is non-investigating in the future since this information only him belongs to the immortal gods. So, that to look for answers on an uncertain future. Nothing exists anybody who could not even say to us what the future will provide us. So we must not lose time in looking for an answer that was never coming since anybody has the aptitude to say to us or to show us this

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