Article 21: I Turned A Casino Bonus Into Real Money

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Article 21 – I turned a casino bonus into real money and you can to

If you had spoke to me several years ago and ask me about online gambling, I would have told you that it is a total mugs game. I had never really being one to back it as a means to making real money, but one day that thought process was changed forever. I looked in my email inbox and saw a £50 free bet offer from a popular online casino. I honestly thought I had nothing to lose, so it got me thinking. If I can get £50 for free there, then what I could I get elsewhere. I went online and looked at several online casino portals and signed-up for an even better deal and quite frankly I haven’t looked back since.

When the promised “free money” landed in my account I must say that I was sceptical, the entire concept still seemed somewhat baffling to me. Because of this I was a little frivolous with the casino bonus and lost half of it within the matter of moments. It was only following this that I realised that I had “money for nothing” in front of me, along with the chance to turn it into something
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Heading up the list in terms of importance is wagering requirements, which relate to how many times you must “turn over” the bonus in order for it to become cashable. Be aware that in some instances the requirement will be something ridiculously high like 60x, meaning that you have little to no chance of getting hold of any real money. Game locks, time caps, and withdrawal limits are also regularly invoked to limit how successful you can be with a casino …show more content…
Next time you look to sign-up for a casino bonus, remember what you’ve learnt here today and you may find that the offer in front of you isn’t as good as it

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