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Article 22 – Top tips for online casino novices

There are plenty of experienced gamblers who out there who will do all they can to steer you away from playing online. You’ll hear all the tall tales of life crushing defeats, along with countless other reasons as to why you shouldn’t be playing. Let me tell you, these reasons are complete nonsense. The online casino realm has plenty to offer novice and casual players. In fact, so much so that getting started as a novice player has arguably never been any easier. The following are some top tips for online casino novices who are just starting their online casino.

Tip No. 1 – Always understand the rules of the game you are playing. This should really go without saying, but I’ve lost count of how
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The simplest way to get up and running through a mobile casino is to simply download the related app, should this be something that your mobile casino offers. Through this the software will be accessible on your phone from a single click, but downloaded mobile casino apps do have both ups and downs. The UI in general is usually snappy and easy to login and out of, but as many have said updates have proven to be problematic. When new games are released updates are generally required, which means downloading is a regular occurrence for players. For those who want no download access to a mobile casino can opt for one that is browser based. These can be accessed through any flash compatible web browser and don’t require regular updates to used efficiently. Sadly, browser based mobile casinos do have reputation for being clunky to …show more content…
Exacta – Two game special payout ticket.
Fractional Rate Ticket – A keno ticket that is played for a smaller amount, generally makes up part of a way ticket.
Handle – The money taken in during an online keno game.
High End Ticket – A ticket which favours odds towards high number spots and lessen odds for catching fewer spots.
High Roller Ticket – A keno ticket that has a higher than average price.
King Ticket – A way ticket variation that features more than a single king.
Multi-Game Ticket – A ticket that covers various keno games.
Pay Any Catch Ticket – A keno ticket that pays out for any catch, payouts are generally much lower due to the ease of winning.
Stud – Keno variation that has a high level top prize that grows until it is claimed.
Push – A keno win that cancels out the amount bet.
Quick Pick – A keno ticket where the online casino selects the numbers for you at random.
Race – Term to describe a single Keno game.
Rate – The price of a keno ticket.
Sleeper Ticket – A winning keno ticket that isn’t used or claimed.
Split Ticket – A keno ticket that features two or more number

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