The Importance Of Occidentalism In South Africa

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If the apartheid would end, it would require a complete dismantling of the current system; South Africa as it was currently known was too corrupt to remain sustainable.
The way to end the apartheid required a complete disinvestment of the Western regime from South Africa. American capitalism had to die first. For this to come about, the WCC encouraged ecumenical organizations to put pressure on their local leaders both in the United States and across all Western empires. Until Occidentalism came to an end, the apartheid was continually being fed. Fortunately, the white consciousness grew tired of witnessing the atrocities covered on global television. Coming out of America’s own Civil Rights movement, it seemed absurd for another nation with
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Black Consciousness is the antidote; it seeks to show black people the value of their own standards and outlook, to give positivity in the outlook of the black people to their problems…to talk to the black man in a language that is his own…Black Theology depicts Jesus as a fighting God who saw the exchange of Roman money – the oppressor’s coinage – in his father’s temple as so sacrilegious that it merited a violent reaction from Him – the Son of Man.”

For generations, Afrikaans had convinced themselves that the apartheid was the best option for all races in South Africa. To be unified, the Afrikaans believed, we must all be separate. The state church declared the apartheid to be God’s idea or God’s vision for South Africa. Naomi Tutu, the daughter of Desmond Tutu, in a sermon she preached at the Princeton University chapel in 2014 recounted growing up in a segregated world where prophets (religious leaders) declared the apartheid to be justice.
“The temples and churches in South Africa were filled with people rejoicing in apartheid. They rejoiced in taking from black communities. They rejoiced in prospering while black children next door starved…There were those in churches praising while injustice rolled
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When the prophets’ prophecy about us, they will say they came out of that generation. People who said ‘We have heard our God calling for justice and righteousness and we are going to live our lives in a new way. A way that celebrates the gifts of God’s creation whether those gifts be other human beings or other creatures that they will look and say they came out of that generation and not simply say peace when there was no peace, but in fact worked for justice and worked for human rights.; worked so that indeed justice would roll down for

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