The Importance Of Nursing Code Of Ethics In Nursing Practice

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It is true that many new nursing students perceive that understanding and studying the nursing code of ethics is of great importance, and that the code of ethics is something more than just common sense, that needs to be carefully cultivated under an instructors or superiors supervision. However, they do not feel satisfactorily equipped to deal with ethical problems in daily practice. It takes multiple teaching strategies to ensure that nursing students can understand and implement the code of ethics thoroughly. Although using the code of ethics in the nursing process is not always straightforward, and is a task that demands study and practice, nurses are expected to abide by high standards and to understand what is anticipated of them. The …show more content…
Yet a number of nursing students do not perceive their own abilities to use the code of ethics in the nursing practice as satisfactory. According to Vynckier (2015), a study done in Belgium was completed to determine students’ perceived effectiveness of their own ability to use the nursing code of ethics “reveal(s) that nurses do not feel adequately prepared to deal with ethical problems in daily practice”(p. 208). Correspondingly, Osingada (2015) assessed practicing nurses’ knowledge in ethics, using an anonymous questionnaire, at three regional hospitals in Uganda. A whole of 114 nurses’ where tested, where only 15 percent of the participating nurses received a score above or equal to 50 percent on the questionnaire. Osigada states that the nurses had little understanding about basic ethics concepts, such as “informed consent, confidentiality, and veracity, principles of ethics, ethical theories, value clarification as well as general aspects of the national nurses and midwives code of conduct.” After this test, the nurses discussed the significance of continuing nursing ethics education (CNEE) and the “majority (93%) of the nurses and midwives agreed that CNEE was important to for a sustainable high standard of ethics” (p. 3-4). If even practicing nurses could benefit from more learning regarding nursing ethics, then certainly, students with less experience, could also

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