The Importance Of Music A Religion

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Music has been in existence since the begging of time. If music is a religion why has it not be ruled as one? What if when people say the phrase, “I listen to music religiously” was taken to its full meaning? Who would be the follower? How would worship be conducted? As we dissect the theory that music is a religion I hope that the message is given its fullest effort of understanding. Religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. It is also , an organized system of beliefs or practices revolving around or leading to a transcendent spiritual experience. Most of the basics that come with a religion consist of certain practices, followers or believers, some type worship, and …show more content…
But for argument sake let say that the songs that we sing everyday were the actual religion. Our gods would be the writes of the song just like Greek mythology. Greek mythology was dated around 2000BC. It was a belief that was focus around stories and legends of many different gods. In total there were twelve gods and each one of them had very specific powers. If and when the people had a certain problem then they would pray to the god that best fits the situation. In relating to that, music can be a religion for many of us that have problems every day. Whenever we need help either escaping the problems or actually listening to an influential tune; we go to music and listen to the something that best resolves the problem. This would be called worship. Worship comes from an old English word weorthscipe which means worthiness or acknowledgment of worth. When humming the tune of “Tell Me Something Good” by Rufus and looking at the teacher while he/she grades their test is a form of worship. It’s a form of worship because you are allowing the song to comfort you in an uncomfortable moment. Just like often time when Christians say, “Help Me Jesus”, and meditate on the events that are to come. You are allowing you mind to dwele on the goodness of the song writers for creating such a song to get you

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