The Importance Of Murders In Susan Glaspell's Trifles

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Violence is extremely prevalent in society today. The media loves to expound on violent crimes and violent people, and sometimes these crimes involve murder. These murders are gory and occasionally hateful, which is why people are always interested in these murder cases. People want to know how the murder happened or why the murder happened, especially if the murders were committed by women since women are considered sweet and innocent. In Susan Glaspell’s play Trifles, Mrs. Wright is not so innocent. She is accused of killing her husband by strangulation, and the trend of killing husbands continues in both the Hossack murder and in New York v Castor case. In the Hossack murder, Hossack murdered her husband with an ax. In Stacey Castor’s case, …show more content…
Wright, Hossack, and Castor all share the same crime, their situations and reasons behind the murders are quite different. For Mrs. Wright, her husband was the person who took her identity as a talented singer named Minnie Foster away from her. She tried to preserve the person she used to be by keeping a bird to keep her company in a quiet house, but her husband took that away as well by “[wringing]-[the bird’s]-neck” (Trifles 930). Similarly, Hossack was also tired of her husband. Hossack “and her husband quarreled violently…because the father was unwilling to overlook [their] son’s shortcomings” (Hossack 182). It seems like Hossack and her husband were not getting along and she wanted to separate. Supposedly Hossack could have gotten “$2,000 in life insurance” from her husband’s death (182). Getting money from murder was the same reason Castor murdered her two husbands. According to Joel Gomez-Dossi, “[e]ach time she murdered, it was for monetary gain” (Stacey Castor). The only time Castor murdered, or rather tried to murder someone, for a different reason was to cover her tracks. She had faked her daughter’s suicide with no success since her daughter survived to testify against her. Even though all these women committed murder in the same degree, they all had different

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