Theme Of Loneliness In Hamlet

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Being lonely can lead to overthinking and negative thoughts.
Hamlet is done with life and he wants to commit suicide and being betrayed so many times by his closest friends and his family members. Hamlet felt that he doesn't have anyone to talk to and open up to he thinks everyone is fake and no one is real. He also felt that he's not being loyal to his dad because he didn't do what he was asked. Also, his love for Ophelia is too much and when you see someone you love change on you you'll feel really bad and get sad. Hamlet doesn't want to feel the pain anymore and he wants it to fade. Hamlet is also afraid of life after death and how fear makes people cowards. Firstly, Hamlet wants the pain to fade away he wants to feel numb. He's done
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Hamlet is confused and getting weird thoughts on what will happen to him if he commits suicide. (Act 3 scene 1)”but the dread of something after death is undiscovered country” “for in that sleep of death what dreams may come up”. In the first quote Hamlet is saying what will happen to me after I die where all the sinners belong, Hell is the place for all sinners but Hamlet wants to be in heaven with the angels. There’s a life that’s undiscovered that no one knows about which is life after death and Hamlet calls it “undiscovered land” and he's scared from it and he's confused what will happen to him there. In my second argument he's afraid on whats coming up in his “life after death” if he commits suicide and he's scared from it. Hamlet is scared and overthinking on what will happen to his life after he dies. Maybe he’ll go to hell if he does it and commits suicide. He’s questioning himself and he's irritated wether to do it and commit suicide or stay with the pain and what will happen to me if I do …show more content…
In the first quote its supporting my argument by that while Hamlet is conscience his mind his producing negative thoughts plus he's sitting alone so his mind will produce negative thoughts. Sitting alone and overthinking is a problem because your mind will produce thoughts that never existed from the start and it'll make you feel bad. Overthinking is like a disease it takes over your mind and you become diagnosed with it. For the second argument Hamlet says the more I think about it the more I feel and it makes me fear death even more. The thoughts Hamlet is getting is making him break down and just give up on everything. With the fear and the crazy thoughts combined Hamlet will go crazy. In this case Hamlet’s fear for death is the cause why he's overthinking like what will happen to him. Hamlet is scared and feared from death and whenever he gets thoughts about death he fears it and then feels bad and becomes mentally

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